Below is a collection of items that various school districts are using, if you can collect some of these items into a small Go Bag or Classroom bucket…..maybe you already carry some of these

Bucket or Go Bag (Shoulder sling)
Rope Ladder (2nd Floor Classrooms)
Zip Ties (Large, handcuff type)
Claw Hammer or Pry Bar Rescue Tool
Wasp Spray (Mace effect)
Door Lock/Door Stop
Rubber Gloves/Medical (Nitrile)*
Eye Protection (breaking out windows)
Thick Work Gloves (glass removal, etc)
First Aid Kit (Israeli Bandage, Z-Pak Dressing*, CAT or SWAT-T Tourniquet, COBAN Self Adhesive Wrap, ACE Bandage*)
Emergency Procedures/ALICE sheet/etc
Whistle/Hat (for Teacher)
Food Bars
Battery Op Flashlight/Batteries or a Pump Flashlight or light sticks
Blanket(s) (Fleece) to block window or to cover broken glass in frame
Toilet Paper/Toilettes/Tissues
Breathing Masks
Plastic Sheeting
Duct Tape (36" length* or whole roll)
Pens, pencils, or wax markers, Sharpie
Map of Campus/Reunification Sites
Multi Purpose Tool
Battery Op Radio (or Smartphones)
Strap (body drag)
Small Pad of paper
CPR Pocket Resuscitator (Mask)*
Electrical Tape (Color)
Paper Towels (can use as Gauze)
Trash bags (Liner in bucket as a Latrine, etc)