TEEN CULTURE_________________________________________________

Teen Trends, Choking Game, Inhalants (2013 DARE International, OSROA Conference)

Technology Issues for Parents PPT

SCHOOL SAFETY_______________________________________________

A.L.i.C.E. (Presentation) (Run Hide Fight Video link)

School Safety Plans PPT for School Administrators

SRO Role as First Responder / HNT: Intro for SRO basic training 

Alone, Alert, Alive...Survive! PPT

Buzzed, Briefs and Badges (for Secretaries)

Myths of a Shooter, Behavior traits and Warning Signs

If you are taken hostage on a bus

Parent Reunification In-Service Training

De-Escalation Techniques & Strategies with Youth Class (As seen at OSROA training, Ohio School Safety Summit)


Bullying Community Program

Bullying on the School Bus

CLASS LESSONS_______________________________________________

Search and Seizure for Government Class

Anti-OVI Prom Presentation

Miranda (5th and 6th Amendment) for Government or Constitutional Law Class

SRO and Presentations Best Practices /  SRO basic training