TEEN CULTURE_________________________________________________

Teen Trends, Choking Game, Inhalants (2013 DARE International, OSROA Conference)

Technology Issues for Parents PPT

SCHOOL SAFETY_______________________________________________

A.L.i.C.E. (Presentation) (Run Hide Fight Video link)

School Safety Plans PPT for School Administrators

Hostage Negotiation Team Intro for SRO basic training 

Alone, Alert, Alive...Survive! PPT

Buzzed, Briefs and Badges (for Secretaries)

Myths of a Shooter, Behavior traits and Warning Signs

If you are taken hostage on a bus

Parent Reunification In-Service Training

OSROA De-Escalation Class


Bullying Community Program

Bullying on the School Bus

CLASS LESSONS_______________________________________________

Search and Seizure for Government Class

Anti-OVI Prom Presentation

Miranda (5th and 6th Amendment) for Government or Constitutional Law Class